Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Minor Project

Hello, this blog is for me to document and show other people my work that I am doing in my final year at Uni!
This module is only 8 weeks long and is to experiment with different styles and techniques ready for my major project. I decided to do fashion fabrics but mainly for catwalk/haute couture, and my theme is Ballet Girl. Looking at ballet costumes, fabrics, the art of dance, the shows, animals, characters used, flowers and perios features used within the ballet like Rococco design.

For my research I started to look at classical ballet, like swan lake and the nutcracker and then on to the wind and the willows, and I was really interested with the creatures used like the foxes and squirrels, so I thought I should look into animals and see what inspiration I got from that.

During the holidays I went to Belgium where I managed to see some beautiful lace shops and photograph  them, I thought this would be perfect for me ballet fabric research as lace was used a lot.

I also went to the Bowes Museum In Bernard Castle, where they had a beautiful selection of period costumes and lace! As well as Rococo artifacts.

And Finally I looked at floral for my research, mainly roses and Lily's.

This my research for my project and I already have loads of ideas, but for now I need to start with my drawings. So keep watching to see what designs come up with!

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