Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Final Designs Printed and Embroidered

Finally after a stressful 8 weeks I have managed to do a collection of finished designs, using digital print, screen print and hand painting as my base techniques. On top I have added embroidery, machine embroidery, beading and metallic foils.

I feel they all work really well and work well together. Personally my favourite ones are the orange fox print, the swan print and my modified floral print. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did to make them.

Using reactive dye pigment with metallic foil and hand embroidery/beading

Discharge print, with hand satin stitch embroidery

Discharge print with machine embroidery and applique, as well as beading and metallic foil

Digitally printed with hand embroidery and beading

Digitally printed with hand embroidery and beading

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  1. I saw these in your bay on Monday Megan, they look beautiful! x