Monday, 12 December 2011

Continued Research on Flowers

Looking at flowers again, I decided to add fabric, folding it around the flowers and covering them completely. I also played around with bows, as bows were a big aspect to the Regency/Neo Classical periods. I used different types of fabric to get different type textures, highlights and shadows. I added flowers to the bows as well as ribbons. I feel they work well, they have given me inspiration to draw from and is a unique way of doing primary research.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Research for Final Major Project (FMP)

Now I am concentrating on my last ever module at Uni, this one will be about 20 weeks long and has to be the best work we have done throughout our time at Uni, no pressure! So, for my final project I am looking into Haute Couture evening wear as well as Bridal influence. I am extremely interested in Haute Couture design especially bridal and is something I would consider expanding when I leave.
My theme is "Return of the Romantic" looking at traditionalist like flowers, architecture and traditional dress design especially amongst bridal wear. I will also be looking at the Regency and Neo Classical period and how romance was captured in those particular periods.
For the moment I am concentrating on my research, I have gathered all my market research and influences. I have also started photographing my visual research.
Today I captured images of flowers but in a different and unique way, instead of shooting them as a whole I decided to deconstruct the flowers by their heads or petals and place other flowers petals within the heads to create a whole new style. This was extremely effective and has inspired me loads for drawing sheets and research.