Monday, 12 December 2011

Continued Research on Flowers

Looking at flowers again, I decided to add fabric, folding it around the flowers and covering them completely. I also played around with bows, as bows were a big aspect to the Regency/Neo Classical periods. I used different types of fabric to get different type textures, highlights and shadows. I added flowers to the bows as well as ribbons. I feel they work well, they have given me inspiration to draw from and is a unique way of doing primary research.

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  1. Hey hun :)

    Loving the new posts! I was wondering if you could have a look at my latest designs and leave a little comment about them, it doesn't have to be much just a few words. I just need to collect some quotes of what people think about my designs and it would be a pleasure to include you :)

    Speak soon

    p.s Can I just say that these photgraphs are beautiful!!